Der Fernsehturm 'Colonius' ist mit 266 Metern der höchste Fernmeldeturm Nordrhein-Westfalens und wurde 1981 fertiggestellt. Seit 1992 ist er leider nicht mehr zugänglich.

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Dr. Torsten Mietzner

Managing Director Head of Capital Markets & Treasury

Tel.Nr.+49 221 226-96210


Sparkasse KölnBonn has bundled all its investment banking activities in its strategic business unit "Capital Markets & Treasury". By doing so, Sparkasse KölnBonn is able to offer innovative and integrated financial products and services to its private, commercial and institutional clients. Representing a core component of Sparkasse KölnBonn's entire product and service line, this business unit is dedicated serve its clients in times of continuously rising demands.

We kindly ask you to explore this site to get an impression of the bank's expertise in various kinds of investment banking activities. Please feel free to contact us anytime, we will be glad to answer your questions regarding:

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