Wussten Sie, dass die Hahnentorburg eine von insgesamt 12 Torburgen der acht Kilometer langen Stadtmauer (1180-1220 n. Chr.) war? Sie sicherte den westlichen Zugang zur Stadt Köln.

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Short term import and export financing

  • Advances on documents
  • Credit lines for documentary credits
  • Acceptance credits
  • Financing work-in-progress
  • Loans in foreign currencies

For short term prefinancing and onward financing of your imports and exports Sparkasse KölnBonn can offer, alongside the traditional overdraft facilities, a wide range of special financing instruments.

Medium and long term export financing

  • Forfaiting
  • Cross-border leasing
  • Suppliers credits
  • Buyers credits

As an exporter of investment goods, your competitive advantage will often depend on whether you are able to provide your foreign buyer with a customised financing package. In addition we would be pleased to give advice on the usage of German export credit guarantees.


Risks are typically greater in international trade than domestic business activities. The type of guarantee you require will depend on whether you are an importer or an exporter.

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