Das Stammhaus der Kölnisch-Wasser-Marke 4711 steht in der Glockengasse 4. Es ist mit einer prachtvollen neugotischen Fassade verziert und beherbergt ein Glockenspiel.

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You transfer money to another country ...

  • ... by transfer
    You can choose whether to issue instructions for transfers or standing orders for one-off or regular payments to another country either in EUR or in foreign currencies. We effect your transfers by SWIFT via our correspondent banks. If the beneficiary does not maintain an account with our correspondent bank, our correspondent will route the payment into the national payment system. This guarantees safe and rapid processing of your international payment on favourable terms.
  • ... by cheque
    You can issue a cheque and send this to the beneficiary. To minimise risks of cheques lost in the post, they should be crossed and marked 'Account Payee'. The charges will only be debited to your account when the cheque is presented for payment.
  • ... by banker's draft
    At your request we can issue a banker's draft for you in EUR or any convertible foreign currency. This will either be sent to the beneficiary's bank (if the beneficiary's bankers are known) or directly to the beneficiary's home address. You may also pick up the draft in person and mail it to the payee yourself. Both the cheque countervalue and the charges will be debited to your account on the draft's date of issue.
  • ... by electronic banking
    The software packages Multi Cash or ZV-light enable you to effect an international payment electronically, including the compulsory Bundesbank statistical reporting required by §59 AWV (Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation). In addition, you can issue foreign payment instructions via Internet Banking.
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