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We are a qualified and stable partner.

Market Leader

Market Leader

Sparkasse KölnBonn can offer the full range of banking services to retail and corporate customers, serving its clients via 106 branches, servicepoints and business centres with a staff of approximately 4,185 (31.12.2016). Sparkasse KölnBonn is a market leader in numerous growing and profitable market segments (i.e. retail banking, small and medium-sized companies), providing consistently high quality service in order to maintain its long-term customer relationships.

A qualified and stable partner

Sparkasse KölnBonn is a competent and stable partner for all its clients, both private and corporate. Sparkasse KölnBonn makes full use of its regional focus and strong franchise through its diversified distribution channels, including branches, business centres for private and corporate clients, telephone banking, home banking and discount brokerage.

Capital Markets & Treasury

Capital Markets & Treasury

Sparkasse KölnBonn centralizes its capital markets acitivities in its Treasury organisation. Treasury is responsible for customer trading activities, Asset and Risk Management, Funding as well as Money and FX trading activities. 

Wholesale & Retail Trading 

Here you find contact details and information about
customer trading activities.

Asset Liability Managment

Here you find contact details and information about the
scope of Sparkasse KölnBonn‘s own issuance and trading

Treasury Credit Risk Portfolio Management

Here you find contact details and information about FX- and money market


Dr. Torsten Mietzner

Head of Treasury


+49 221 226 96210



Investor Relations

Information for Investors

Sparkasse KölnBonn acts as well established issuer in both domestic and international capital markets aiming at diversifying ist investor base and continuously serving long lasting investors with attracting issuances. Sparkasse KölnBonn issues a variety of bonds and equity-like hybrid capital instruments, ranging from plain vanilla to structures with tenor of at least one year. Besides regular benchmark size issuances, Sparkasse KölnBonn is eager to also engage in smaller private placements matching the specific needs of both existing and new investors.


Reporting according § 28 Pfandbrief-Act.

Debt Issuance Programme (DIP)

Documentation for Issuances under the Debt Issuance Programme

German Issuance Programme

Documentation for issuances under the German Issuance Programme

Documentation Tier 2

Capital Instruments (German)  

Information for Investors

Here you find a slide deck with main data and features of Sparkasse KölnBonn‘s issuance activities.


Bernadette Kaufhold

Head of Funding & Financial Engineering



Tel: +49 221 226 96282

Mail: bernadette.kaufhold@sparkasse-koelnbonn.de


International Business

International Business

Sparkasse KölnBonn manages your international payments.

Foreign Exchange

We offer spots and forwards as well as options and have a dedicated team with worldwide connections to selected counterparties. Our dealers can give you the best rates for all your spot, forward and option trades, eurodeposits and euroloans as well as give advice on hedging strategies.

Correspondent Banking

We have a worldwide network of correspondent banks. A good many of these also include an account relationship. Contacts to these banks are looked after by our team Correspondent Banking. We will be pleased to assist in establishing contact with foreign banks.

Funds Transfer

We transfer your money from and to other countries. Find out more about transfer and receiving money on foreign currency accounts with your International Banking Account Number (IBAN).

International Trade Finance

We support our customers in short, medium and long term export financing and guarantees.

Documentary Credits

Whether if you are an importer or an exporter. We offer you all kinds of documentary business.

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